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An Introduction to Our Admissions Department

What actually happens in an admissions department? Director of Admissions Melissa Spann, PhD is pleased to introduce you, our readers, to the who, what, and when of Oliver-Pyatt Centers’ Admissions.
First, an introduction to who is in the admissions department and their favorite part of Oliver-Pyatt Centers:
Chanelle Alexander has been at Oliver-Pyatt Centers for three years. She currently works as Oliver-Pyatt Centers’ Administrative Assistant. She appreciates interfacing with clients from their very first call. Chanelle loves having the opportunity to hear the transformation in individuals through the admissions process.
Jenny Castellon is an Admissions Coordinator and has been at Oliver-Pyatt Centers for four years. She is completing her masters degree in social work. Her clinical background is in caregiving. Her favorite part of working at Oliver-Pyatt Centers is when the clients and families we have been working with arrive and she is able to meet them in person.
Jessica Gomez is an Admissions Coordinator and has been with Oliver-Pyatt Centers for over two years. In addition to her work at Oliver-Pyatt Centers, Jess’s background is as a case manager and mom of two! Jess’s favorite part of Oliver-Pyatt Centers is our individualized treatment approach.
Anais Torres  is an Admissions Coordinator and has been with Oliver-Pyatt Centers almost a year. She has a masters degree in psychology and has worked in the mental health field for years. Anasis’ favorite part of Oliver-Pyatt Centers is our holistic approach to treatment. 

Melissa Orshan Spann, PhD – that’s me! I am the Director of Admissions. Prior to stepping into this role I was a Primary Therapist at Oliver-Pyatt Centers and have worked as a therapist in other treatment programs nationally. I love that everyone at Oliver-Pyatt Centers shares a common vision and goal. What I love about my job is that there isn’t really a “typical” day. I have the unique opportunity to interface with many people on a daily basis. I feel fortunate that I often have the chance to answer the first time someone is placing what is often the most difficult phone call to make – the call to decide if they should seek treatment. I have the opportunity to talk with people, listen to their challenges, and provide support through this process. Our goal is to provide support, consultation, and a therapeutic hand during every interaction we have. My days are filled with these interactions, in person visits from individuals and families, and working with the clinical teams to provide additional support in in any way I can.

In the admissions department, our goal is to help clients, families, and providers navigate the challenging decision to seek treatment. We believe our intimate environment is most effective for the treatment of eating disorders. We are committed to working with you to make treatment possible.

During the admissions process, the potential client will be asked to complete our admissions packet (application, intake questionnaire, release of information, and medical evaluation forms). Once submitted, your questionnaire will be reviewed, and with your permission, we will contact your outpatient treatment professionals. We will assist you with the timing of your medical evaluation, and an intake assessment will be scheduled. We are here to talk with you every step of the way from insurance questions to what to pack on your journey to Miami.

Whenever you need us, we are here. Please email or call us anytime, we are looking forward to speaking with you.

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The Best Before and After Stories

Primary Therapist Bertha Tavarez, Psy.D. (below) shares a moving and inspirational story about an Oliver-Pyatt Center’s alumna truly experiencing the joys of college, gaining friends, and appreciating life. 


This morning, as I was sipping my morning coffee, I heard the “BING!” of my email alert. I was prepared to open my email and scan the latest recovery coach update report. Instead, a familiar name appeared. It was an email from a past client with no subject line. The young woman wanted to share with me a very miraculous before and after story. She attached two very striking pictures taken exactly one year apart. She explained that the first picture was taken during her first week in college a year ago. She was so entrenched in her eating disorder that she had to leave school and enter treatment one week after setting up her dorm room. We met on her journey to recovery, and experienced many winding and rocky points along the way. She progressed valiantly through residential and PHP treatment, and eventually stepped down to an IOP program close to home. 

She shared that the second picture attached was taken recently. In this photo her face was beaming with joy as she embraced her new roommate. She shared she had attended her first ice cream social, because after all, it’s a great place to meet new friends! She said her walls are now decorated with artwork she created while at Oliver-Pyatt Centers and that she still has a recovery necklace I gave her hanging over her bed.

Her beautiful words of gratitude are such a reminder of my life’s purpose. I work with young women with eating disorders so they can have fun on their first day at college, enjoy ice cream socials, make new friends, and have the best before and after story. 

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